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Promising Practice Profiles

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Submissions for consideration in the Promising Practice Profile process began in 2006, with further rounds completed in 2007 and early 2008. Eighty-one proposals were received in total over the first three rounds, with 58 of these profiles validated by an independent peer review panel as promising practices. For a list of all projects that were validated as Promising Practice Profiles, please refer to pages 20-25 of the Promising Practice Profiles - Final Report (PDF 2.1 MB).

The information contained in the profiles reflects and honours the daily experience of service providers by highlighting the key ingredients that helped facilitate positive outcomes, providing information on how the key ingredients work, why they work and for whom.

The practice-based evidence coming out of the Promising Practice Profile process is widely applicable to community services. This local evidence base will also be useful to policy makers by enhancing their understanding of effective practices for funding purposes.

CAFCA would like to once again take this opportunity to thank all project managers, staff members and Local Evaluators for taking part in the Promising Practice Profile process.