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Promising Practice Profiles

What is a CAFCA Promising Practice Profile?

A CAFCA Promising Practice Profile is a comprehensive description of a specific practice used by an Australian based service/agency delivering services to children and/or families.

All CAFCA Promising Practice Profiles have been deemed, via a semi-blind validation process, to be “promising”.

Why are CAFCA Promising Practice Profiles useful?

Promising Practice Profiles are designed to assist service providers, practitioners and policy-makers who plan and/or deliver services to children and families in disadvantaged Australian communities to better understand what practices work, how they work, in what contexts, and with whom.

The information provides in these CAFCA Promising Practice Profiles could stimulate ideas for adaptation and service improvement, within the child and family services and community development sector.

Who are CAFCA Promising Practice Profiles written by?

Most CAFCA Promising Practice Profiles are written by professionals closely associated with the delivery of services (e.g., child and family service workers and program managers). These profiles are valuable because they draw directly upon the ‘practice wisdom’ of professionals in the field.

Some CAFCA Promising Practice Profiles are written by local evaluators, that is, evaluation consultants closely associated with the service/program.

What information is provided in a CAFCA Promising Practice Profiles?

Each Promising Practice Profile contains detailed information about the practice and the context in which it was undertaken, including the client group it served. Evaluation material is also included to highlight how well the practice achieved its intended aims.

How many CAFCA Promising Practice Profiles are available on the CAFCA website?

The Communities and Families Clearinghouse Australia (CAFCA) at AIFS has coordinated five rounds of the Promising Practice Profile process since 2005. As of October 2010 a total of 62 profiles were validated as “promising” and included on the CAFCA website.

How can I access CAFCA Promising Practice Profiles?

CAFCA Promising Practice Profiles are organised by topic and title.

Browse profiles by topic

Browse profiles by title

Can I submit a CAFCA Promising Practice Profile?

CAFCA is not currently accepting Promising Practice Profiles for inclusion in the database. If you have any questions or queries about CAFCA Promising Practice Profiles you can contact us.

Where can I get more information about CAFCA Promising Practice Profiles?

The following poster was presented at the Australian Institute of Family Studies Conference, Melbourne, Victoria. It provides information about the history of Promising Practice Profiles and the methods used to validate them.

Building a robust evidence base through research/practice collaboration: Lessons from Promising Practice Profiles by McDonald, M., Bromfield, L., Parker, R. & Higgins. D. (2010, 8 July).