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The Year 2012 marked the beginning of a new phase of the ATP, with the launch of the ATP Generation 3 study. Having followed the development and wellbeing of study members since birth, the project now has the opportunity to investigate how the experiences of one generation affect the next, from grandparent to parent to child. There are few studies like the ATP anywhere in the world that have the capacity to do this.

The Generation 3 study has been a great success so far thanks to all who have taken part. We have extended the study, so that there are now a variety of ways parents or expectant parents may participate (participation in each component is voluntary). These include:

An important task will be to continue identifying ATP study members and their partners who are expecting a baby. This will involve contacting study members twice yearly to enquire about new pregnancies (as well as plans for becoming pregnant).

If you are an ATP study member expecting a baby or you have a child up to 18 months of age, please let us know. We would very much like you to be part of this exciting study. You can email us at

We will continue to collect information from new parents for about 5 years, as new births occur, aiming for 1,000 “third generation” study members. The ATP Generation 3 study will then be one of the largest of its kind internationally, and so will have great potential to contribute to our understanding of intergenerational health.

The ATP turns 30!

In May 2013, the ATP celebrated its 30th birthday with an afternoon tea for study members and their families at the Royal Children's Hospital in Melbourne.

Approximately 150 people joined in the celebrations, which included the launch of a report highlighting key findings from the first 30 years of the study.

Further details about the party are included in our 2013 newsletter.

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